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More Details on the Name Change

We’ve been thinking about the name change and have a few more details for you:

  • The name change will take place on Friday, November 10, 2017.
  • We do not believe the WordPress site will redirect. This means that will not redirect to
  • The URL will still be changing to, and all links will redirect from to the new website.
  • The new logo will be released on November 10th with the name change.
  • The changes will still be taking place after the release of One Cannon, One Army.
  • The new rating system is likely going to be finished prior to the name change.

Thank you for reading. We apologize for any issues adapting to this name change and hope you are as excited as we are.



Name Change On the Way & Site Migration

The name for Purasu will be changing in a couple of months from Purasu to DuoPlus Software.

Additionally, this website will be moved to We do not believe that a redirect option will be available. More information will be released on this change as it is gathered.

Another change is that our URL will become All links to will redirect to the new website.

The final change will be coming to our logo. Of course, with a name change, the word “Purasu” must be changed to our new name. However, the entire logo is going to be redone.

One last thing: The rating system is going to be redone. If it looks like it was kind of rushed, that’s because it was. The new system is going to be a little more organized and easier to understand.

These changes will take place after One Cannon, One Army is released. However, any software released after One Cannon, One Army will reflect these changes.

We are excited for these changes and think the new name will better reflect our purpose, as well as make it easier to spell and search for us. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

New Rating System

Instead of paying to get games rated, I’ve created a self-rating system based off of the ESRB’s current system. I’ve lessened some of the descriptors, and created a system that hopefully makes it easy to rate your own games. You can view the system here.

Spanish Translations Completed

I’ve finally finished the Spanish translations. I’ve also implemented the language menu which allows you to change the language (currently, only Spanish works). A lot of the work I’ve been doing is just making the language change when you click the button (you should have seen some of the weird positions and shapes of some of the buttons before!).

Next, I might start translating into French, or maybe I’ll start implementing a configurable controls menu.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a nice day (160 days ’til release)!

​Happy 100-Day Anniversary! 

It’s been 100 days since I started the devlog, and while to some it may not seem like a lot of progress has been made, there has been a lot of it. I went from an infinite game with no achievements, upgrades, stats, and missions, to a game with all of those and more. I’ve started to make progress translating into Spanish, but there’s still a lot of work to do to get OCOA translated into all the other languages as well.

Right now, I just wanted to list my plans for the future of One Cannon, One Army. I only have a few features left, and so soon I can start testing and get to work on some of my other projects (such as a pro version of the Language Generator and MazeSnake 1.1).

First, I’m going to finish Spanish translations, and maybe translations for French as well. The other languages will come in a later update.

Next comes configurable controls. I’ve had this feature ready for some time and really just need a UI for changing the controls. I’ve known that I want this feature for some time, and the values are already incorporated into the game (so all I need is a way for a user to change those values).

After that, I’ll work on the tutorial. I know what I want to do with it and how it’ll work. I’ll post updates on that once I get working on it.

Then I’ll add in sounds and subtitles. I’ve got some sounds already downloaded and ready to implement, as well as a soundtrack I’m starting to build for the main menu.

Finally, I’ve got a boatload of bugs and miscellaneous features to add. These are all small but when combined into the list I’ve got, it’s a big undertaking. The features include (but are not limited to): improving the textbox, error handling, cleaning up the code, changing the alien shield image, improving graphics, and descriptions for different items.

So thanks for lending me your ears (or, eyes, I guess). See you later, and have a nice day.