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Spanish Translations Completed

I’ve finally finished the Spanish translations. I’ve also implemented the language menu which allows you to change the language (currently, only Spanish works). A lot of the work I’ve been doing is just making the language change when you click the button (you should have seen some of the weird positions and shapes of some of the buttons before!).

Next, I might start translating into French, or maybe I’ll start implementing a configurable controls menu.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a nice day (160 days ’til release)!

​Happy 100-Day Anniversary! 

It’s been 100 days since I started the devlog, and while to some it may not seem like a lot of progress has been made, there has been a lot of it. I went from an infinite game with no achievements, upgrades, stats, and missions, to a game with all of those and more. I’ve started to make progress translating into Spanish, but there’s still a lot of work to do to get OCOA translated into all the other languages as well.

Right now, I just wanted to list my plans for the future of One Cannon, One Army. I only have a few features left, and so soon I can start testing and get to work on some of my other projects (such as a pro version of the Language Generator and MazeSnake 1.1).

First, I’m going to finish Spanish translations, and maybe translations for French as well. The other languages will come in a later update.

Next comes configurable controls. I’ve had this feature ready for some time and really just need a UI for changing the controls. I’ve known that I want this feature for some time, and the values are already incorporated into the game (so all I need is a way for a user to change those values).

After that, I’ll work on the tutorial. I know what I want to do with it and how it’ll work. I’ll post updates on that once I get working on it.

Then I’ll add in sounds and subtitles. I’ve got some sounds already downloaded and ready to implement, as well as a soundtrack I’m starting to build for the main menu.

Finally, I’ve got a boatload of bugs and miscellaneous features to add. These are all small but when combined into the list I’ve got, it’s a big undertaking. The features include (but are not limited to): improving the textbox, error handling, cleaning up the code, changing the alien shield image, improving graphics, and descriptions for different items.

So thanks for lending me your ears (or, eyes, I guess). See you later, and have a nice day.


I have more of a plan for things moving forward.

First: I’m going to finish One Cannon, One Army. The release date is November 5th, so I have plenty of time. However, I’d like to be testing way before then.

When I’m finished with OCOA I’ll begin looking for an artist to work with me (probably one of my friends). I’ll have plenty of time before my next game, though.

Then I’m going to create a pro version of my Language Generator with a much more friendly user interface. The one that’s available now will still be there, and I will still add commands to it. If you create a language with the free version, then upgrade to pro, it will still be accessible. I’m not sure about the price yet.

After that I finally want to release a major update for MazeSnake. I’ve had the idea for it since I was halfway through developing the first version, but haven’t had time to implement it yet. This update will feature a new, huge gameplay mechanic, at least two new powerups, at least two new snakes, more translations, more loading screen tips, more keyboard shortcuts, and a slew of bug fixes.

And after MazeSnake 1.1, I’ll begin my next game. I already know what it’s going to be. I want to start development before I release OCOA, which means that I aim to complete the above objectives before Nov. 5 as well. Not sure how that’ll work out.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you. Be sure to follow for more updates on games, software, and more! And happy Mothers’ Day!

One Cannon, One Army Update 5/14/2017

Hello everyone!

So I didn’t update twice. I know that’s kind of annoying. And I’m not going to update for a while after this, because the features I’m getting to aren’t interesting (such as multilingual support).

I added more cannons to the game: Bronze cannons, Silver cannons, Gold cannons, Master cannons, Inferno cannons, and Frozen cannons.

The Inferno cannon adds the fire effect to projectiles when shot; the Frozen cannon adds the frozen effect to projectiles when shot. All of them (including the Inferno and Frozen cannons) add to the other stats like damage, move speed, and accuracy. However, buying a cannon will not carry over upgrades from another cannon. Each cannon has its own stats. This includes health.

So, that’s really all I’ve got. I’m going to start adding languages to the game, then I’ll probably get to the configurable controls and sounds. I also have to create a tutorial (I’ll post updates when this starts) and the ability to sell items.

Sorry that this was such a short post and such a long wait. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

One Cannon, One Army Devlog 4/23/2017


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!
Again, I’ve been unable to post on Saturday. In fact, I’m changing the regular posting day from Saturday to Sunday, since I always end up posting on Sunday anyways.

Alright, now for the feature. I’ve added lives to the game. You get one life every 30 minutes (with a maximum of 3 lives), and you lose a life by:

  1. Losing all health on a level, or
  2. Quitting a level (such as exiting the game or going to the main menu)

So here’s a few screenshots of the new feature:


I’ve now realized that I’m getting close to finishing the game. I mean, I know I had a lot of features listed last week, but I’m checking the to-do list and finding that a lot of the major things I have listed aren’t that hard. The remaining features (as of right now) are:

  • Cannon Purchasing (The ability to buy different cannons that have higher base stats)
  • Subtitles
  • Multilingual Support
  • Configurable Controls
  • Selling Items
  • Tutorial
  • Sound
  • Additional, more detailed stats (and a more organized menu)

One feature that I’m on the fence about is the ability to launch alien minions. I’m not sure if it will fit into the rest of the game, and I’m leaning towards not implementing it.

Finally, I’m not sure about next week. I have a basketball tournament on both Saturday and Sunday, and I might not be able to find time to post. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it at some point, though.

Thank you for reading, sorry about the short post, and happy gaming (and check out my website at!