​Happy 100-Day Anniversary! 

It’s been 100 days since I started the devlog, and while to some it may not seem like a lot of progress has been made, there has been a lot of it. I went from an infinite game with no achievements, upgrades, stats, and missions, to a game with all of those and more. I’ve started to make progress translating into Spanish, but there’s still a lot of work to do to get OCOA translated into all the other languages as well.

Right now, I just wanted to list my plans for the future of One Cannon, One Army. I only have a few features left, and so soon I can start testing and get to work on some of my other projects (such as a pro version of the Language Generator and MazeSnake 1.1).

First, I’m going to finish Spanish translations, and maybe translations for French as well. The other languages will come in a later update.

Next comes configurable controls. I’ve had this feature ready for some time and really just need a UI for changing the controls. I’ve known that I want this feature for some time, and the values are already incorporated into the game (so all I need is a way for a user to change those values).

After that, I’ll work on the tutorial. I know what I want to do with it and how it’ll work. I’ll post updates on that once I get working on it.

Then I’ll add in sounds and subtitles. I’ve got some sounds already downloaded and ready to implement, as well as a soundtrack I’m starting to build for the main menu.

Finally, I’ve got a boatload of bugs and miscellaneous features to add. These are all small but when combined into the list I’ve got, it’s a big undertaking. The features include (but are not limited to): improving the textbox, error handling, cleaning up the code, changing the alien shield image, improving graphics, and descriptions for different items.

So thanks for lending me your ears (or, eyes, I guess). See you later, and have a nice day.


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