One Cannon, One Army Update 5/14/2017

Hello everyone!

So I didn’t update twice. I know that’s kind of annoying. And I’m not going to update for a while after this, because the features I’m getting to aren’t interesting (such as multilingual support).

I added more cannons to the game: Bronze cannons, Silver cannons, Gold cannons, Master cannons, Inferno cannons, and Frozen cannons.

The Inferno cannon adds the fire effect to projectiles when shot; the Frozen cannon adds the frozen effect to projectiles when shot. All of them (including the Inferno and Frozen cannons) add to the other stats like damage, move speed, and accuracy. However, buying a cannon will not carry over upgrades from another cannon. Each cannon has its own stats. This includes health.

So, that’s really all I’ve got. I’m going to start adding languages to the game, then I’ll probably get to the configurable controls and sounds. I also have to create a tutorial (I’ll post updates when this starts) and the ability to sell items.

Sorry that this was such a short post and such a long wait. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!


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